Membership Application



The Millstone Trailblazers is the registered name of a 501C-3, non-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to develop and maintain a network of multi-use,

recreational trails in Millstone Township, NJ.




Name: _________________________________________________________________


Street Address: __________________________________________________________

City:                                                                         State:                   Zip:


Phone (home) _______________________ (Cell) ______________________________          


Email _______________________________     Fax_____________________________



___________Yes, I can attend monthly meeting (3rd Thursday of every month).


___________No, I cannot attend monthly meetings; however, I am interested in

an associate membership and I am interested in assisting with the        following activities (check all that apply).


_______trail design                                    ________trail maintenance



_______trail clearing                      ________fund raising/grant writing



_______trail marking                                 


Enclosed are my annual dues (check which applies).


_________ Individual Membership ($20.00) ________ Family Membership ($25.00)


_________Although I am not interested in a membership, I would like to contribute

                  to the trail program by making the enclosed donation in the amount of





Signed: _______________________________________ Date____________________


 Millstone Trailblazers

                                                          P. O. Box 518
                                               Millstone Township, NJ  08535